The Northern Star & Songbook launch

Alright, so. I've started putting my songbook online, because I've been talking with the amazing and talented Aneleda Falconbridge, and she makes me want to do stuff. It's hard to rest on one's imagined laurels around someone so enthusiastic about things.

Plus, she gets it. Aneleda rocks pretty hard.

So I started putting them up here. It'll live in the links section, too.

The first piece I put up is an old-ish saw of mine. I wrote it from a Stan Rogers-ish sense of a desire to create a regional sense of unity. It's down below, here, complete with audio link. Enjoy.

The Northern Star -- Audio (.mp3)

Westward, we sail
Through the wind, sleet, and hail
From homeland and family,
We've journeyed so far,

And above our mainsail
Flies the banner we hail
It's the azure and white
Of the Boreal Star.

From the mountains and vales,
Over hills and through dales,
'Neath the argent and blue
Of our banner so bright

And may e'er more it fly
'Neath the cold Northern sky,
'Tis the star, Borealis,
That guides us to fight.

From Ar n-Eilean-ne's sight,
We have followed the Light
'Cross the ice-dotted ocean
To join in the war

To Ruantallan's fair shores,
Where we set down our oars
And we raised up the flag
Of the Boreal Star.


So, then onward, we stride
To the great river's side
In the glen of Lyndhaven,
Where we take rest, once more.

And with sword, shield, and lance,
Into La Belle Province,
We will march 'neath the sign
Of the Boreal Star.


South from Havre de Glace
Came their forces, en masse,
To the Isle of the Dragon
'Neath the night, black as tar,

And 'twas there we all joined
sword and shield, heart and mind,
'Neath the Azure and White
Of the Boreal Star.


To the south and the west
From the land we love best,
We shall wade into battle,
'Though we've journeyed so far.

And we'll earn us a place
With sword, shield, spear, and mace
For the flag of the free men,
The Boreal Star


And may e'er more it fly
'Neath the cold Northern sky,
It's the star, Borealis,
That will guide us to fight.

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