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So my friend received his Laurel in September 2013, and I had the honour to be able to write the scroll text for the award. The text is inspired by the Exurge Domine Bull of Pope Leo X, issued June 15, 1520. It seemed eminently suitable to have the words of a Medici pope influence the writ given to a Bardici Bishop. Text below.

Arise, Great King, and judge this petition just. Remember the works of the one who stands before you and fills the halls through all the day. When you ascent above to your seat, committed to the care, rule, and administration of your realm, an image of the triumphant hall, as created by the man before you, may fill your gaze, and that of your successors.

Rise, also, Great Queen, and fulfill in this petition, the roll divinely entrusted to you. Give heed to the call of those who have seen the wonders wrought by this man's hands, the beauty and splendor of his metallurgical marvels, the glory of his chapel, and the power of his works. Against the beauty and skill of his works, none on this earth could speak ill.

We beseech you, also, Brothers and Sisters of the Laurel, to arise. It is through your works that we are enlightened and illuminated, by your hand that we are guided, and by your words that we are taught. For now a new Brother rises who, as you did, has aspired by word and deed to bring perfection to his craft, and betterment into the lives of those around him.

Before you, today, stands D'Unstable Peregrinator -- scholar, wanderer, jeweler, metalworker, patron of the arts -- a man who all can look to for inspiration. His drive to perfect his craft, his willingness to lend of his talents, time, and knowledge, and his continued commitment to the betterment of all around him means that there is no person more deserving of the elevation to join the noble ranks of the Laurelate.

It is, therefore, by the hand of Gregor von Heisler, Defender of the East, and King by Divine Right, and Kiena Stewart, Queen of the Tyger and Mistress of Horses, that we, by Grace of God, elevate D'Unstable Peregrinator to Companion of the Order of the Laurel.

Let all this land arise, and with those assembled today, and rejoice, for on this Feast Day of St. Conval the Confessor, the 28th Day of September, Anno Societatis IIXL, do we welcome Master D'Unstable Peregrinator into our hearts and our lives.

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