Other Scroll

I also wrote a scroll for my Apprentice-Sister Elinor Strangewayes, who was elevated at Birka. The text draws inspiration from fragments recovered from Brittano-Roman documents.

From Their Oriental Majesties, Kenric II Rex & Avelina Regina

Since the eyes of all the World does fall upon Us on this day have we gladly seized the opportunity to call upon Elinor Strangewayes. Unto Us do we also summon you who are of the Laurel, Artists and Scientists all, as well as this woman whom it is Our fervent wish to have join with you.

The skill Elinor has shown through her works and deeds declare her deserving of this high and noble office, and in recognition of this have we ordered made trappings suitable for one to attain such status.

Thus, it is by Our hand on this, the Feast Day of St Paul, on the 25th day of the Month of Janus, Anno Societatis XLVIII that we do invest Elinor Strangewayes into the Order of the Laurel, bestowing upon her Arms by theses Letters Patent -- Vert, a bee volant and on a chief embattled Or, an acorn between two oak leaves fesswise, stems to centre, vert.

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